3 - 6 September1,5 from Stockholm

Dance into Your Lust

Weekend retreat for women

I feel in alignment right now. I feel that what what we are creating together is what the world needs right now. A deeper acceptance of ourselves and each other and where we are at this moment in relation to where we are coming from. At the same letting go of our old identities and open up fo limitless possibilities of who we can be. Acceptance, forgiveness, love, curiosity, expansion.


Emerge for three days in nature with lustful dancing, open hearted connections, emotional healing and shameless sexiness.

Loving massages, East African sexual education, domination play, saying yes to yourself and much more <3

We come together to peel off the layers of fear build up during the pandemic, to accept ourselves just like we are, remembering our sweet essence and building resources to know how to step into our best selves. 


When I say expansion I mean to allow all your different sides. You are invited to forget the ideas about who you thought you where, the labels you or others have put on you. When we start with building trust everything is welcome, this can be to say yes, but also to verbalize a no to say yes to yourself. It can be to allow yourself to feel small or step into your hidden dominatrix. We build up the weekend with softness and movement to open up for deeper exploration. 

With who? 

With me! - Lisa Josefsson, founder of Dance into your Lust.  - Sony Soniz and Faith Wangui sexuality teachers from Kenya. More teachers TBA.

For who?

This weekend is in first hand for people who have already attended the program "Dance into you Lust for women" and registration is open for you only until July 26. If space over, others are also welcome. The weekend is a deepening of the potential of our bodies, it is  queer friendly includes any womxn or person with an experience of being perceived as a women and feel like this is the right place to be.

It is an invitation to recapture what we learnt and be able to go deeper into ourselves and our pleasure.

To read more about the Dance into Your Lust program that this weekend is based on see here. 

Corona and social distancing

After a long summer of distancing, this weekend is for you who is longing for a space where we are allowed to be physical with each other and can nurture ourselves with plenty fo oxytocin. This means that this weekend is for you who have no symptoms, and at the same time feel comfortable taking the risk of being close to 15-20 people for a weekend. Maybe you have already been sick or feel that your health is good enough so that you are not worried about the risk at this point. At the same time you should, of course, feel in to your own boundaries at all times. You will not be encouraged to be closer to anyone than you feel comfortable with, but there will be exercises that involves touch. Too long time without touch is damaging for the health in other ways than corona!


If you have participated in the Dance into Your Lust program you know how Lisa works and this weekend will give you more of what you already know plus diving into new ways of connecting.

Lisa shares her personal journey of learning that has passed through: East African dance sexuality teachings, tantra, conscious kink, motivational interviewing, trauma healing, voice work, contact improvisation, partner dance and sex education. To explore further certain areas our guest teachers are invited to take us deeper.

Emotional stability

There will be a person available for emotional support for the weekend. We will go deep into emotions and pleasure and support each other at all times,  but old triggers and trauma may come up to the surface. You can get support when needed during our sessions, however, you should be able self regulate and hold yourself after shorter moments with emotional support.  You can also pay for private sessions if you need further support.

Practical info


Livsuniversitetet, 1,5 hour drive from Stockholm. There are also busses from Tekniska högskolan to Väddö kyrka. At the venue we have a big beautiful barn, a warm dance room and shared bedrooms where we can all sleep. We will have a main cook, but will also support the kitchen with dishes in shifts.

There is a lake near by for swimming and nature around for walks. 


Thursday 3pm: Arrival 

Three days of coming together, relaxing time, swimming, eating and exploring. More detailed info TBA.

Sunday 3 pm: Departure.


Until July 31st: 3900kr (Food and accommodation: 1500kr workshop program 2400kr.)

 After July 31st: 4400kr.

Contact me for volunteer discount at lisa@guff.se.

Organized by

Lisa Josefsson